Urgent. Crash help!

Hi, I have a live gig tonight using Ebosuite. I had each track in a separate Ableton project and have been trying to load them all in to one set but am having problems with Ebosuite crashing. All the Ebosuite devices in live start flashing on and off and telling me to reopen Ebosuite. It’s as if Ebosuite is switching on and off rapidly so the devices keep opening and closing the “the Ebosuite app needs to be running…” tab or “click here to restart Ebosuite”. The tab flickers on and off extremely quickly. The Ebosuite window also keeps moving as if it’s trying to resize or something. Then Ebosuite freezes completely and I have to force quit. Any help you can offer? I tried to upload a video of the behaviours but can’t seem to do it on this page.

Thanks in advance! Stuart

Oei! Lets figure out what is happening! Can you send the video to contact@ebosuite.com using wetransfer.com?