Unable to install EboSuite

Hi there,
greetings from Germany here!

Sadly I’m unable to install EboSuite on my MacBookPro 2015, running OSX 10.13.6 with Ableton 32bit 9.7.7 and Max 7.3.5.
Opening Ableton, selecting the installation .als file, asking me for installation routine and then . . . searching for the library, it always is stuck at the same point.
Library location is set.

thanks, Ingo.

Hi Ingo,
This error appears when you open the .pkg file instead of the .als file. Is that what happens in your case as well? Please use the .als file (Ableton project) to install EboSuite.

No, i did open the .als file. Other suggestions?!

Ai, ok. Can you send us an email at contact@ebosuite.com, so we can discuss this in more detail? While we are figuring out what is happening you can do a manual installation (that is very simple). You can download the manual installation files here (installation guide included).

Thanks Jeroen!
I have the same problem and had been wanting to try the latest update.

Manual Installation went fine!

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Hi Ingo
Good to hear that the manual installation is a solution for now. I would like to ask you a few more questions to help us figure out what is the issue, so we can prevent this from happening in the future.

Can you mail us (contact@ebosuite.com) the complete file path of the EboSuite folder in the User Library, so including the name of the hard drive. Example:

Can you mail us the Installer Log ?

Hi Oscar, sorry to hear that you have also issues with the installation. I asked Ingo to mail us (contact@ebosuite.com) the file path of the EboSuite folder and the Installer Log (see above). Could you send us that as well? Thanks!