UI graphics problems

I find the Ableton UI runs really choppily while using Ebo. Meters, arrangement position, and other elements update maybe once per second while Ebo is playing. Also, when i adjust plug-parameters, the position of the knob or slider I drag doesn’t appear to change, though I can see my adjustments are having an effect. CPU usage is low, and my Ebo video looks okay, but these effects on the UI are disconcerting.
EboSuite V 2.1
Ableton Live 11.3.13
Macbook Pro M2 Max, 64GB, Ventura 13.5.2

Hi evns, I can’t recreate that issue here. You have been using EboSuite for a while, did these problems start recently?

Hi evns, I have a few more questions about your issues: are you using Live’s LFO, Envelope Follower or Shaper plug-ins to control parameters? These plug-ins can be quite demanding on your system and cause this issue. We made custom versions of these plug-ins with the option to ‘limit updates’. This will make the plug-ins send less data to the parameters, so they are less demanding. Often you do not need the high update rate it gives you. Especially with video a framerate of 25fps means that there is a new frame every 40 ms. You can download these plug-ins here: https://ebosuite.discoursehosting.net/uploads/short-url/8B8Cni832s9iXe7CAMDXPNpBEBv.zip

Are you using a lot of automation? In my case that doesn’t cause issues like this, but theoretically it could. Could you maybe send us a Live project (without media) that causes this issue, so we can have a closer look?

Hey, sorry, pretty sure the problem is on my end with one specific set, sorry to bother you, thanks thanks thanks

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Ok, thank for letting us know. Cheers