Two output windows

Hi everyone!
I’m new to using Ebosuite, so I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue. I have some parts in my set where I trigger video with the Ebosuite, but other parts of the project are just videos from Ableton (I’m using arrangement view). Understandably, the Ableton video goes into the Ableton video window and the Ebosuite has its own separate output window. So now I have two video output windows. Is there a way to make them both go into the same output window?

Hi @brunamatic, welcome to the EboSuite forums!

Unfortunately we have no control over Ableton’s window - but we are working on supporting the arrangement mode so you can have everything in EboSuite:)

best wishes,

Thank you for your answer! For now, is there a way to make both applications go into the same output window so I can project it on a wall? I tried with eSyphon, but it doesn’t work…

As far as I know, it’s not possible to send Ableton video to syphon, or to get Syphon into the Ableton window:(