Triggering two midi notes at the same time causes video to hang (eSimpler, slice mode, Gate mode)

My eSimpler+Simpler is in Slice mode, with Gate turned on.
Let’s say I have 5 slices, which are mapped to midi notes C1-E1.

So any note from C1-E1 triggers a slice, and any note outside of that range doesn’t trigger this eSimpler. If I trigger a note from inside the range and outside the ranges at the same time, the video will continue to play even after I release the midi note. Since I’m in Gate mode the audio and video should both stop as soon as I release the midi note. Then the last frame remains on screen until you trigger that same note again.

Hi Meelan,
I will take a look next week at this issue.
In the meantime I think you can create a workable situation by limiting the notes to only those who trigger slices. This can be done with Ableton’s Pitch Midi effect by setting the range & lowest parameters according to your situation.


Thanks Timo I’ll give it a shot!

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Meelan, I took a look at this issue.
Can you try this version and see if it improves your situation? (785.8 KB)



it works! its a small thing but makes so much difference, thank you.