Trigger still images (jpegs, etc)?

Really enjoying Ebosuite. I am using it as part of a live solo drum project, triggering all sounds, samples and visuals live in real time from Ableton Live via acoustic drum triggers, Keith McMillen BopPad and Quneo.

I have what is probably a very simple question as I’m new to integrating video triggering in to my set up. If I want to trigger a still image, as opposed to a video, what’s the simplest way to convert this to a HAP file to import in to the esampler? Alternatively would you consider creating an additional device as part of EboSuite that allows still images (jpegs, etc) to be triggered? I imagine it would just have similar envelope and duration controls to the sampler to allow the user to set the time it appears for and the fade, etc. Thanks!

We will add support for image files soon (.png, .jpg etc.). So then you can trigger image files with the eSampler.
Until then you can use Ableton to convert a image file to a movie. Just drag your image on an audio track in Arrangement View. This will open the standard Ableton video window. The image will have a very short duration on the timeline. Drag the right edge of the clip to make it longer (one bar for example). Use Ableton’s ‘Export Audio/Video…’ feature (in the main menu, under File) to export the clip to a movie. Convert this movie to Hap with eConvert.


Thanks a lot. That’s really helpful.

Hi MNDMTH, we just released EboSuite 1.31 that adds support for image files. Have fun!

Download the updated installer here:

Thanks. Just downloaded the 1.31 update. The image triggering works great but when I add any eFX device after the eSampler and turn it on it causes the image to flip upside down. Do you know why this is?

Thought maybe I had fixed the upside down issue but it’s still happening with any jpg image as soon as I turn an eFX device on.

Hi. Please (re) download the installer again. Bug fixes have been checked and fixed.
All should be in order now.
Let us know if its working fine for you now.

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Hi there,
Just a related question: I’ve seen that now esampler works with jpeg but doesn’t with png. The thing is that I would like to work with images that are not “full screen” or squared like a normal jpeg picture. I need something that allows me to insert in the screen only “small” elements (like the pumpkin on the ebosuite demo video). I suppose that with png it would be possible but, until the png will be supported, can you suggest me a way to work like that?
Thank you and sorry for the bad English.

Also interested in this.

Hi Maxmagaldi and MNDMTH, png should work. On our systems it does, so we’ll have a look at this and see if we missed some exceptions and figure out what is happening. We are going to release EboSuite 1.32 very soon (probably this week), that adds loadram for the eSampler and the new ePoly device. I hope we can add this fix to that release as well. Can you send us the image you’re trying to load to Then we can use that for our tests. Cheers!

hi jeroen,
yeah, i’ve tryied again and you’re right, png works.
don’t know why the other day it doesen’t.
it’s poooowerful!

Hi Maxmagaldi, Good to hear that your .png files work now. While looking into this issue we found some cases where .png didnt load properly, so we’re fixing that now. So thanks for your report anyway :slight_smile: