Transform 4 eSamplers into 4 Equal Corners

The knobs in eTrackTransform are difficult to line up “perfectly” to create 4 separate corners of video and I’m unable to select the text and manually enter values. I’m stuck guessing x position, y position, and scale % like 50.74% which isn’t ideal.

My goal is to create a Drum Rack preset with 4 eSamplers aligned and scaled perfectly to the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right.

Any ideas on how to best achieve this?

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if i remember correctly - if you click on the knob to activate it then hold shift and hit your arrow button up or down it may move the image around in micro measurements to fine tune the position.
Im not 100 percent on that but I think it should work.

Also by clicking on the knob you can adjust by entering any value that is within the possibilities, for example … you click on the knob and enter the value 10 or -10 according to what you prefer.

Hi John,
When you click on a dial you should be able to enter a value manually. Unfortunately you don’t get feedback in the interface while editing, because of limitations of MaxforLive, so that can be confusing. But if you click on a dial, type in a value and then press [enter], the value of the dial will be set to this value and this value will show in the number box below the dial.

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were you able to figure out how to realize your vision for the drum rack preset with the eSamplers aligned to different areas? as far as I can tell you can only use one eTransform per track, so all the eSamplers in a single drum rack will display in one area. I’m hoping you’ve found some other way to do it because I want to do the same thing.