Track Transform overrides eVideoIn as video source when Mac restarts

We’ve been using TrackTransform on eVideoIn sources within session view. Whenever the computer is restarted, if TrackTransform is on, you can’t see the eVideoIn source within the output. The preview of the eVideoIn source works and the source will send to Output if the TrackTransform is disabled.

Our current work around is to rarely turn off the computer. But in the times that we do, we end up having to drag a new instance of TrackTransform on each track and redoing the automation lanes. Any workaround? We’ve tried putting TrackTransform in different positions within the chain, but no luck.

Same thing occurs with the Crop insert as well.

This sounds really strange, could you please send us the set to so we can have a look?

In general, the TrackTransform and Crop should be on the same track as eVideoIn they should affect.
I’d check the values for these devices when the output is not visible, maybe they have some weird leftover values(like scale 0, or position outside the screen).

It’s hard to say though without having a look at how things are connected, so sending us an example set would be precious:)


I am sorry to hear that you experience these issues, I just tried to reproduce it and here it works fine. An example set would indeed be very helpful. Can you also tell us what version of Live, EboSuite and Mac Os you use? thanks!

I’m sorry I’m getting back so late. We did find a workaround in case anyone else has this issue. If you had saved the desirable TrackTransform or Crop settings as a preset, you can hotswap it and all the automation lanes will be saved.

Also, emailing you concerning a personal consultation is possible (Email: We’re live streaming with your technology and have some additional questions to optimize our setup. Thank you in advance for any response.

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Hi Jared, yesterday I planned a Skype session for tomorrow (Monday 11/30) with Beatrice at 19.00 CET to discuss EboSuite. Will you join? I hope I can answer all your questions then.