Timeless Distance - Using EboSuite to synch original video

Hi all,

I thought I’d share this with you. My first attempt at putting together a live performance piece using EboSuite.

I’m very pleased to say that I managed to get it working quickly and apart from one or two stutters/drops, the whole setup is very stable and consistent.

The left monitor shows the video output from EboSuite.

My main needs are for fairly straight forward simple transistions

Techspec: Using Ableton Live 10 with Push with EboSuite to handle video in Live. EboSuite components used are eClip and eSampler. Video from EboSuite was recorded using Syphon Recorder. External cameras are GoPro and iPhone. Minimal comping in FCPX to bring it all together and add titles.

Phonsonic: http://www.phonsonic.com
EboSuite: https://www.ebosuite.com
Ableton and Push: https://www.ableton.com
FCPX: https://www.apple.com/uk/final-cut-pro/
Syphon Recorder: http://syphon.v002.info/recorder/


Thanks for sharing what you do and how great to see how EboSuite fits into your flow!

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Hi Alexander, thank you for sharing your work! It is nice to see how you are using EboSuite in your own way. We will add more transition effects and other visual effects in the next updates, so I am looking forward what you are going to make with that. :slight_smile:

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