Time Based Effects

Would it be possible to have an echo effect, similar to efeedback, but introducing a time delay, that would work on video channels rather than just on the main output? I use an edirol v-4 to do feedback effects, something that could be similar to that effect perhaps

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Hi drzygote, visual feedbacks and echos are great creative tools, so we will work on that for sure. There are very cool ISF feedback effects like Hue Spin Feedback, Shape Morph Feedback Mask, Zooming Feedback that you can use with the eFX-ISF plug-in on any track. You can look around on the ISF website for more and download them there. Read more about ISF and how to add them to the eISF and eFX-ISF plug-ins in the EboSuite manual. Let me know if you need more help. If you send an email to contact@Ebosuite.com we will send you some feedback shaders.

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Thanks Jeroen. I will delve into the ISF thing now. Still exploring the app and very impressed so far.

Hue Spin Feedback is great! exactly the kind of thing I was after, thanks.