SyphonIn from Zoom video? (SOLVED)

Hi, I’m currently involved in an artist’s residency project, part of which involves all of the participants exploring and embracing the use of online remote video collaboration and the limitations, quirks and benefits it brings! I’m experimenting with using EboSuite’s Video In feature to add video effects and other visuals and video to my own Zoom camera feed via Syphon out and Syphon Virtual Webcam.

This seems to work pretty well! However, I’m really interested to know if there is a way I can also take the video of other participants on a Zoom call and feed that in to Ebosuite then back out to display the result on my screen on the Zoom call. I think the answer might actually be obvious and I’m planning to explore the possibility today but just thought I’d ask here in case someone already knows the answer.

Thanks! Stuart


I used a program called Camtwist, it helped me with importing footage into Zoom. Don’t know if it will help with your application.

Thanks. I actually ended up figuring it out using an app called “Syphoner”. I used Syphoner to bring video from Zoom in to EboSuite and then used Syphon Virtual Webcam to send EboSuite video back in to Zoom.