Syphon Weirdness

Hey guys,

Seeing some Syphon weirdness when I route to Resolume Arena 6:

Fades: If an eSampler has a “Release” fade, that fade is not carried over to Arena.

Stream size: Resolume displays the Syphon stream size, and for certain clips this number jumps around. It might read 1024 for a second, then switch to 640. (my clips are at 640.) It sometimes results in the clip being large on screen for a frame, then dipping down to it’s appropriate size every time it’s triggered. I can try to capture an example if it would help.



Hi Josh, That sounds like a bug. Thanks for reporting this. We will investigate it and get back to you.

Hi Josh,

thanks for the report!

the wrong syphon stream size is a bug, we’ll fix it shortly.

About opacity not being carried over - we will mark that as a feature request.
We considered Syphon on individual tracks as a raw video output before any processing is done, but we plan to change this soon:)