Syphon output on timeline mode

Hello guys!, i found tutorials explaining how to work on ableton’s session view. But is see in other videos that its also possible to output while on timeline view.
How do i make this work?
any help would be greatly apreciated

HI @atnupacas.
Ableton does not give enough information about what is going on in arrangement/timeline view for us to use it properly on audiotracks with videoclips. You can use eSamplers/eSimplers/eVideoIn/eSyphonIn , but eClips is not supported.

I think you refer to Ableton’s own video playback.
This is described here: Working with Video — Ableton Reference Manual Version 11 | Ableton
We also do not have acces to/control over this, so this cannot be used in combination with our plugins.

We hope Ableton will implement more access soon, we have talked to them about this, but it is a very slow process.