Syphon out on master track

Hey guys

Love the new update. Currently setting up to record and ran into an issue where Syphon out will not work on master track. If I put it on an individual track it works and, if I solo a track it works but full mix is a no go. I do have a pretty hefty effect line up on the master already. Would that affect it?

I guess the better thing to do is ask if there are any effect combos or set ups that might cause esyphon to not work?

Hi Willie, I can’t reproduce this issue. Everything works fine here. eSyphonOut should work with any effect combo on the master track. What plug-ins are on the master track? Could you send a screenshot of your stack to

Hey hey

So here’s an odd thing. I restarted Ableton and that was working but it took a second for everything esle (the other effects) to start working. I suspect that I just have a lot going on. Sending screen shots of everything in the master track now. :+1:t5:

Thanks, we’ll have a look.

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