Syphon out, OBS and Ableton

Love the program!!! Recently in our streaming reality, I have noticed that if I run videos with eClips only, everything works fine. Once I add syphon out to the master and send to OBS, I get random videos in my set either freezing, not looping, etc. Usually I would expect a error about warp markers, but it doesn’t happen, they just freeze. Any ideas?


Thanks for using EboSuite and happy to hear you’re having fun with it:)

That sounds like an odd issue, it’s hard to say what is going on without more info!
Could you let us know what macOS & OBS version you are using, which cpu/gpu and your screen setup?


Sure. OBS version 25.0.8. MacOS High Sierra10.13.5. cpu 2.5 Ghx i7. 16GB ram, gnu intel Hd 4000 1536MB

I am only using my MBP screen.


It seems there is something wonky on the OBS side(OBS is hanging here without eboSuite, just using syphon server test app breaks it).
What you are experiencing might be part of this:

We’ll need a bit more time to investigate, meanwhile I don’t have a really good advice except maybe trying different versions of OBS, sorry.

If you notice a version that works for you please chime in, it would help us and OBS to narrow it down.

best wishes,