Syphon out media player

Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows of a contemporary mac based basic (free) media player that supports syphon out? There is an old version of vlc that was meant to do this but does not work on my new imac. I want to stream long video files into Ebo via syphon and then jam over the top of them. Any suggestions please, thanks Al

Hi Alvan, this VLCSyphon app seems to do the trick, but I am not using the latest OS (OSX 12.1). Does this work on your iMac? It crashed two times at first, not sure why, but now seems to run fine.

Thax for the info. That ver of vlc is the one I had been trying and it always crashes. In comments there is a link to Vidue app. Designed for theatre/live performance, therefore functionality clunky, ie no transport controls but it’s syphon out does work, although rerouting the audio is a bit of a workaround. cheers Al. PS Please let me know if any other options come on the radar.

I have not much experience with OBS, but could that be a solution for this? Another solution might be to play video on your iPhone and connect that to the eVideoIn plug-in. Or you could use NDI tools to grab the output of Quicktime Player (or any other window) with the Scan converter application and then convert this NDI stream to Syphon with the NDISyphon app. It shouldn’t be too hard to make a simple video player with Syphon output with Max or Touch Designer. Not ideal solutions, but maybe one of them helps?

Thanks for the tips and ideas. I think the main issue is that all the apps in this area are aimed at the VJ/performance market where short looped clips are the norm. I’m doing more ambient long form stuff. Will work with the vidue app for the time being, if anyone comes up with a better solution pls let me know, cheers Al

Also, what I’m getting at, wouldn’t it be great to be able to syphon in youtube, for instance, into ebo and therefore sample anything you like? I know there are tons of workarounds but this just seems like such a obvious idea to me, thoughts anyone?

Two options to sample from YouTube that I use:

I’ve found going out of an iPad (VIA HDMI), to a cheap USB/HDMI input device is a handy way of playing images/videos/audio into EBO/Ableton (using the VideoIn function). if you donwload or screen record videos on your iPad, this is a pretty good way of mixing long videos into Ableton/Ebosuite. it would be awesome if there was a way to feed it into video stutter.

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My current work around to getting long videos into Ebo is to use a Roland V4EX video mixer. It has a usb streaming output (720 x 576 Pal) that ebo videoin recognizes. Bonus is that I can run four video inputs, it can controlled via midi and has some cool effects. Working very stably with 2021 Imac.

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