Syphon in / out Trouble Catalina?

Hi eboSuite …

I finally upgraded to Catalina …
At first glance … Ableton Live and Ebosuite seem to work properly …
the only thing I have in my set is the the eSyphon in / out trick with video that goes
also back in a track with eSyphon in / out …
funny part is … that doesn’t work anymore … I even replaced the eSyphon In out plugins in the set with new ones , but that didn’t solved the problem …

What is also funny is that you can choose between multiple inputs from the same deck ( see screenshot )

further on all seems to work properly so far :wink:

Greetings Franky

Hi Franky, thanks for your message.
Sorry to hear about the issue with Syphon and Catalina.
I will look into it next week when I have access to a computer with Catalina.

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hi Franky,
I found the cause of the issue and it relates to both eVideoIn and eSyphonIn. It is related to something that Apple changed in Catalina without warning us, sorry for the inconvenience. I think I have made a solution that works now on both Catalina and older versions, I will send you a test app to try it out.

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