Stop video and restart at the last position

stop video and restart at the last position. how can i do this best? thank you for your help!

That is hard to do… one way that I can think of now is this:

  • load that video in the eSampler.
  • Turn Legato On.
  • Trigger a Note
  • Change the speed from 1 to 0 to stop /freeze
  • Change the speed from 0 to 1 to resume

It stops at the end (you can prevent this by turning looping on)

Simultaneously with the speed change you can change the brightness (with eFX-BrCoSa) from 1 to 0 to blacken out the video in stead of freezing)

Does this work for what you want to achieve?


yes, thank you! great, but one more question:
is this the only way? i hope it is not using to much cpu…

Hi Abanze, yes, I think it is the only way currently.
I don’t think this solution is very cpu intensive (though the fact that you need to use speed rules out the use of eSimpler).
Good luck!