Still images with transparency

Am I correct in saying that transparency/alpha channel is ignored in PNG and PNG24 files when overlayed in multiple instances of eSampler? In practice this means that I can’t create a midi controlled composite image from a stack of images. In the linked example I’ve used the eFX Chroma plug to approximate the effect but there will be instances where transparent black will be an issue.

Hi John,

PNG Transparency is definitely not ignored, check this screenshot:

If you want you can send us the png file you are having an issue with, and we can investigate.


Thanks for sending the pics - they seem to be fine, check the screenshot below.

Are you sure you don’t have some effect on top of the eSampler that overwrites the alpha channel? Try turning off all effect devices on the track and see if then you get the desired output. Afterwards you can turn them on one by one until you find the one that messes up alpha.

hope this helps,