Sorting EFX plugins into folders?

im just getting back into ebosuite after a year or two off. Remembering how awesome ebosuite is!!!

Previously i had sorted all the EFX plugins into folders in the user library so i could collect similar fx together so i could remember what each plugin did. I had used file aliases to do this in the EFX folder because ebosuite doesnt like moving the plugins out of the EFX folder.

Now that ive installed the new version of ebosuite, none to the aliases work :frowning:. must be because previous efx plugs were removed - even though they have the same name.

just wondering if there a way to achieve sorting EFX plugs into category folders and not have it break when a new ebosuite version comes out?

Hi Clay, the installer will move the old EboSuite folder to the trash, so you’ll find the original eFX that the aliases link to there. If you didn’t empty the trash you can take them out and put them back into the new EboSuite folder. Compare the old eFX folder in the trash with the new folder to see the changes between the two versions. You can also select a new original in the Get Info window.

The installer gives the option not to trash the existing folder but to replace the files. I am not sure if the links to the aliases will break in that case. You can also first move the EboSuite folder to another place before installing and then put some files back into the new folder. Does that help?

Hey Jereon, thanks for taking time to reply to this one too. Yes i didnt trash the original folder. I ended up using the fix alias function but with many EFX it does take some time. Now just thinking when there is another update, i will have to do it again. As a feedback suggestion it would be great to have the EFX categorised in folders that describe their purpose.

I have folders - mix, colour, lofi, diffuse, transform, position etc

it helps me as i dont have a background in video.

HI Clay, we are working on EboSuite 2.0 and one of the changes will be that the plug-ins are ordered in sub-folders. For the next update (EboSuite 1.72 will be a service update to make EboSuite work properly with Live 11) try the overwrite function in the installer (see below). Maybe the alias links are not broken then.

You can also remove the newly installed eFX and replace them with the eFX linked to the aliases. 1.72 will not change the eFX, so you can use the old ones and add them to the updated EboSuite folder.

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Clay, you could use ableton presets to organize your plugins (I also do that for vst and auidiounits)