Software to cut out and mask video?

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ive noticed that in the ebosuite demo files there are quite a few eclips that are masked/cut out so the video clip doesnt take up the whole screen. bit like a png for an image with a transparent background.

can someone help me out - what software can help me do that? Ive had a quick look around and it seems adobe after effects can do it but i dont have creative cloud.

just wondering if anyone has advice on some cheaper software out there that can do the job that isnt too complicated?

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Hi Clayton, I use After Effects indeed. There are not many applications for easy detailed masking. In iMovie you have some basic options: iMovie Turtorial 1# | How to mask! - YouTube

You can also use the new Shape eFX for basic masking. You will find that effect in the eFX folder in the EboSuite folder.

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thanks for the tips, i will try that out.

Motion 5 is also an option. 55 Eu / 65 $
the program is a bit complicated to start to work in and it sucks up a lot of your horse power , I find it works pretty well on my iMac with loads of ram … but my MBpro 2017 16 ram doesn’t manage to work comfortably …

other option is iPad → Video Leap/ mask … is not that expensive on IOS but then of course you need to swap back and forth with your files which might be a but tidious also … :wink:


I have the same question! I have motion and final cut, but I dont really knowthe best process for cutting out backgrounds to make isolated animated figures. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

Yes, that is a good question. I use After Effects, but that is pretty advanced. Does anybody else on the forum have suggestions for easy masking software?

In EboSuite you can mask your video (create an alpha channel) in a few ways:

  • use eFX-Chroma to make a selected color range transparant (or to make all colors except the selected color range transparant).
  • use eFX-Crop to remove the outer parts of the image.
  • use eFX-Shape for basic masking (see above).