Snap Camera as Virtual Webcam

I’m trying to use Snap Cam, Snapchat’s virtual webcam, as a webcam source in eVideoin. Snap Cam shows up fine within Zoom and other apps but only my Facetime Cam shows up in eVideoin. Users would be able to use Snapchat’s Augmented Reality lenses within Ebosuite if we can get this to work! Any suggestions? Lens Studio doesn’t seem to be compliant with Syphon either. Appreciate the feedback.

Here’s the link to Snap Cam

Hi Voicesofhim
Sorry for the late reply. Are you still having issues using Snap Cam? I use it as well and it works fine with EboSuite here. Lot of fun :)) It simply shows up as a source in the eVideoIn plug-in. I did a regular installation, no extra settings.