Slow motion-stop motion controlled via midi

Hi there,
i’m trying to use, during a live show, a video effect that is half way between a slow motion and a stop motion effect. very simple, though (just like when you are in adobe premiere and go forward or backward frame by frame, using arrows).
i would like to recreate this effect on ebo, but i want to link the forward (or backward) frame by frame movement to the midi input signal coming from my drumset (every incoming midi note = one frame forward - or backward).
maybe is already possible, any suggestions?

Hi Max,

Yes, that is possible what you want.

You can do it in the following way:

  • load an eSampler and drag the video file you want to step through into it
  • set the speed to zero, turn the legato parameter on
  • start a clip with short notes triggering this eSampler
    (you should see a still from the movie you have selected in the output window)
  • Add this KeyCtrl device that I just made for you to the track: (12.6 KB)
  • click on the ‘mapping’ button and then select the ‘start’ parameter of the eSampler you want to control
  • select a convenient initial position with the ‘Initial Value’ knob
  • set an appropriate stepsize for your videofile, try it out with the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons below it to test it
  • press the Key button at the top left in Ableton to map the arrow keys to the ‘+’ and ‘-’ (and perhaps ‘reset’) buttons

and off you go!

Does this solution work ok for you?
The device I made is a general m4l that you can use for a lot of things that you want to step through with e.g. keypresses.


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Hi Timo,
thank you for the quick response!
I’ve followed your instructions, and i think it will finally work (we are half way…).
the problem now is that with the speed parameter at 0 the player make no sounds (i would like to get the audio+video effect of moving forward frame by frame).
the solution i was trying is to play in parallel (on two chains) the same sampler, one with video only (at speed = 0) and the other with audio only (with speed = 1). but for now it’s crashing…

I think it could be possible to do want you want if the eoutput device allows us to control the fps of the main window or even of the track that you want to emulate that stopmotion feel (8 -10-12 or 15 fps for an animation feel) I put that parameter on the syphon recorder app or in VDMX but it would be cool to have that function inside the esampler or eOutput devices for exemple. Have a nice day!

HI Max,

It’s still a bit confusing then what you want. How long should the sound be audible? Maybe using a short loop also gets close to what you want to achieve.

I am very interested in seeing your crashreports (or even running the set that crashes if it is reproducible). Did Live crash? or EboSuite?



That’s a funny suggestion, not sure if it is hard to do, but I am afraid that this is only useful for a specific use case and will not work in other similar cases.
It is interesting though to think of a system for more general playback settings that can be used creatively.

Yes, it’s true. I only use this function to emulate the movement of 70’s type of 2 tone animations like the one in this link ( on Instagram: "Beat03.10.18_2 - #trainbeat . . The albums “LIVE”, “STATIC” and “LOWER” are OUT NOW on Spotify, Apple music and Bandcamp (Link in bio) ! . . #boombap #jazz #ableton #live10 #sampling #sp404sx #vinylsim #beat #sp404 #drums #visuals #vj #projection #animation #chillvibes #beatmakers #lofi #lofihiphop #instrumental #fingerdrumming #beatmaker #jdilla #madlib #flyinglotus" ) using 30/60fps sampled or generative footage. I it could lower the cpu intensity too of the ebo app but not sure.

Yes, Timo, sorry, i didn’t specificate that it wasn’t only a video effect but a “video+audio” effect the one i want to achieve.
Like i’ve said in the first message, the result i’m serching for is the same you can achieve simply moving forward (or backward) frame by frame with premiere. and, in that case, for every frame you move you’ll hear a very short sound for each frame. very rhythmical, i’m very curious to hear and see how it will sound played along (and controlled by) a drum part.
Like i’ve said the video result of your solution is perfect, and it’s very interesting because i can choose the “dimension” of the frame (with the step size).
but it has no audio (speed=0), so i was trying to work with 2 esampler (one for the video effect, one for the audio effect) but ableton (not ebosuite) crashes.
here’s the crash report:
Ableton Crash Report 2018-11-28 140406 Live (866.4 KB)

anyway tomorrow i’ll try to work on it, i’ll update the results.
thank you!

HI Max,

Thanks for the reply and the crash reports.
I don’t recognise anything in the reports, it is a new situation for me that doesn’t ring a bell yet that looks like a bug in M4L to me, but I will try to reproduce and see.

I understand better now wat you mean, I didn’t know that Premiere also played the sound.
You could see if the OneShot mode in combination with speed=1. is what you are looking for, for the audio. But the possible issue with that is that you don’t see the video anymore after it is done playing.

I think I found a “patch” solution. You can create a device with two button that have a mapping function to map the +/- buttons on the KeyCtrl device and in those same buttons, activate a note trigger so it can trigger the video and the sound at the same time. I recorded a video using a device that I use that has two buttons with those functions so I made this test video and it works :wink: test button/note device - YouTube

and thank you for your contribution, i’ll take a look tomorrow.
really thanks

No problem! I made a small device to be able to do what I did easier: owae (6.1 KB)
Here is how I mapped the buttons with my keyboard like in the video.

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yeah, owae,very useful, it makes really easy to let one midi note trigger both the esampler and the keyctrl. thank you.
anyway to achieve my goal i finally solved using 2 esampler on two separate midi tracks (not grouped in chain because my ableton crashes): one to trigger the video frame (speed=0, legato) and one for the sound frame (speed=1, no legato).
this is beacause your solution (very interesting too) let the video go on until you trigger the next note (and so the “single frame effect” is lost).
hope i was able to explain…

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Yes! That was the only thing that I couldn’t replicate! Did you try to put two esamplers inside an instrument rack to do the same thing? You ll get only one track but with two layers !

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awesome, great so see you guys working together. @maxmagaldi, do I understand you correctly that you have a solution now that works ok for you?

I will still look into why the other situation will crash

thanks !


yes, now i have only to work with the “drum controlling” (using just the computer keybord for now).
this morning i have tryied to group the two instrument rack (esampler+keycntrl) both controlled by the owae device, and is not crashing.
i’ll keep you up to date, and when i’ve done with drums i try to upload an output (but i’ve seen the forum doesn’t accept video file).
owae is a great partner!