Simple video layout controls?

Hey gang,

One thing I think I’d get use out of is a simple video layout controller: Basically something that can quickly specify where each video track will show up on screen. Right now I’m getting around this by Syphoning everything over to Resolume, then visually arranging where I want my tracks to appear on the screen. Without sending it to Resolume, it’s really hard to see each individual clip when they are all layered full-screen on top of one another. (I’m sampling lots of old footage, and not working with masks or alpha channels.)

I remember the early video sampler app “Vjamm” had a simple interface where you could very quickly assign each track or clip to one of the 4 corners of the screen at 1/2 size, or make it full screen. The excellent iPad video sampler “vidibox” solved it a different way: The screen would smartly auto-subdivide to support how many clips were playing at one time.

I know a feature like this will never make everyone happy, but it would help people without Syphon skillz to do more interesting layouts with their clips.

Any thoughts?

I think it is a good idea. I am using madmapper at the moment for this purpose but it could be really nice to do it with a device!

Hi Josh and Owae

We are now adding visual effects for individual tracks. Position, scale and rotation are part of the first set of effects that we are going to release. That will be a free update and then you can easily map the visual output of different tracks on different parts of the output window. We are also trying out other video mixing concepts to make it as easy as possible to desgin different lay-outs. Thank you for thinking along, we are eager to learn from your experiences.

Cool! Sounds great…looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Slightly off topic:

One thing I want to experiment with is making pitched samples be visually effected somehow. It’s so cool that EboSuite can pitch video up and down, but often visually it’s hard to distinguish that a sample is being played slower or faster.

I was hoping to experiment with mapping the frequency of the note to another parameter, say scale in Resolume:

Play a low note, the video is really big
Play a high note, the video is much smaller

Do you guys know of a M4L patch that will remap midi note pitch to some sort of CC or OSC? I’m digging around for a solution.



Hi Josh
I will discuss this with Timo tomorrow. Maybe we can send you a custom solution. When we add visual effects it will be much easier for you to visualize pitch.

Thanks, I tinkered around today and got something going here:

Using a few M4L patches to help:

Reading “Keytrack” from the Expression Control patch, then sending that to a controller I dont care about (in this case the PAN on the eSampler) then sending that PAN controller info to OSC Send, which is sending it over OSC to Resolume. I can then map that stream in Resolume however I want.

It’s not perfect, but I like where it’s headed. If you guys have a cooler solution I’d love to play with it!



Hi Josh,
Did you try using the OSC MIDI Send device that is also part of the Connection Kit? This sends the Note and Velocity data out with OSC.

Thanks Timo,

I’ll check it out. I was hoping to find something that would automatically map the pitch to some parameter while performing live, rather than drawing in extra CC patterns in a clip. I’ll play around some more!