Shader with audio parameters

Hi, is it possible to analyse audio from a track e.g. by fft and use that data do drive the visualization? ISF can use audio parameters in the shader but ebosuite doesn’t seem to support it.

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:


It’s true that EboSuite’s ISF currently doesn’t support FFT input directly, but it’s possible to use Max for Live devices that do audio analysis and output parameters that can be mapped to an ISF(like envelope followers etc).
If you are familiar with Max/MSP and Jitter, it would be possible to make a device that computes the FFT and sends it over Syphon to EboSuite’s ISF.

hope this helps,

Hi Nesa,

Thanks, that may work. Will check. Although a direct method would be more appealing, maybe in future versions :slight_smile:

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