Set not reloading correctly

Hey guys

I’m pretty sure I haven’t posted about this before but my apologies if I have. When loading a saved set, eSampler is doing a few strange things:

  1. The audio and wave representation for the chop is missing. (pic should be attached)

  2. The video actually plays if I hit the pad but the “slices” are now in the wrong place.

  3. I’m getting the “file was longer than 2min, the audio is not loaded…” error. What’s odd about this is that this is a set that I had already finished, exported a rough of and saved. So I’m not sure where the error is.

More info: clip is a full 5 minutes but I “truncated” it by moving the start and end points. Could this be a thing where it allowed me to get away with that but won’t reload it unless the entire clip itself is less than 2 minutes?

Hi Willie
I guess this is because of the 1.12 update we did. We changed the way the eSampler deals with clips longer than 2 minutes. Before 1.12 the eSampler wouldn’t allow you to load a video longer than 2 minutes and crop the video automatically (cut the rest off). Upon request we changed that. Now you can load videos longer than two minutes, but the eSampler will discard the audio to avoid RAM issues. So now you can use videos of any length in the eSampler, but without audio. The eSampler will not show the waveform anymore in that case, but the lines. The lines are there for reference when you are editing the startpoint, because you still need to do that in the display eventhough there is nothing to display (no audio).

I guess that when you made the set you were using videos that were automatically cropped and now (since version 1.12) are loaded full length and the sound is discarded.
Quick fix (probably): drag the file name in the display (see pic below) into an empty clipslot on an audio track in Session View with the eClips plug-in loaded. Set the end point at exactly 2 minutes. Drag the clip back into the eSampler (overwriting the file you dragged into the clipslot). Now the eSampler will not discard the sound. The start point and other settings should still be intact, so you should have your original chop back. You’ll have to do that for each sample. Annoying for you, sorry about that. But if you used the same source video multiple times you can just drag the same clip (that you just manually cropped) into those eSamplers. On Monday I check with the team if we can improve this in the upcoming update (should be very soon).

About: “The video actually plays if I hit the pad but the “slices” are now in the wrong place.”:
Since the Start point is stored relative to the file length, the original start point setting will have a different effect on the full length video. When the videos are 2 minutes (using the procedure above) the start point should be the same as the original.

Does all of this make sense? We want EboSuite to be backwards compatible as much as possible when we release an update, but apparently we didnt take your case into account. Sorry about that!


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Ahhh okay makes sense. Luckily I exported a rough and was able to reference it to recreate the chops. So moving forward, I should edit down under 2 minutes before converting to hap and dropping in there, yes?

A little tedious considering how many things I’ve made already but trust me, this is still A LOT more efficient than what I was doing before! :slight_smile:

Thanks as always for the insight. :facepunch:t5:

You dont have to crop the videos before you convert to HAP. You can load a HAP video of any length into an audio track in Ableton with the eClips plug-in. Then, edit the start and end point of that clip, to make a selection shorter than 2 minutes and then drag this edited clip into the eSampler. Doing this in Ableton is easier and non destructive, so you can always return to the original, longer video and adjust the selection and reload it into the eSampler. On page 13 to 15 of the manual this process is described in more detail.

We are working on a nice feature to make chopping easier. You will hear more about that soon.

If you like we can Skype and discuss your set up, we might have some tips and tricks that help you prepare for your shows and we are very interested in your feedback and tips after using EboSuite these last months!


Ahhhh okay that makes sense. Very cool and I’d LOVE to Skype with you guys. Just need to make it work schedule wise let’s email about it. :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5:

Top, I just sent you an email :sunny: