Send EboSuite view to another mac's video input?

[MacBook Pro] I can successfully stream the EboSuite video display window over Ethernet to Wirecast via their proprietary client called Desktop Presenter. I can choose just the Window / EboSuite.

How can I do the exact same thing to another Mac running ProPresenter? Looks like ProPresenter needs a Video Input configured. All I see on that Mac is the built in webcam available. Seems I’m seeking some sort of universal Mac video streaming type utility.

Any ideas?

Is this something that uses some sort of Syphon utility over Ethernet? ProPresenter has a [ ] Enable Syphon checkbox.
Or does EboSuite have something built in already?

I may be onto something here. Just thinking out loud for you guys to provide feedback.
If I enable Syphon in ProPresenter on the Front of House Mac. And on my Mac, I add a eSyphonOut to the end of the MASTER track effects. I should be in business? Does it stream over Ethernet? Maybe… Hopefully…

Check this NDI to syphon ( and vice versa) app!


Whoa… perfect!!! Thanks


Hi, thanks for your help!

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Thank you so much for the tips. This weekends production when amazing. Perfect flowing video transmitted from my Mac Ableton system to Front of House. Connected via GB Ethernet. Minimal latency. Rock Solid!!!
This coming week, I’m adding live stage video camera feeds to the video produced.


Sounds great! Did you make any recordings of the show?

I checked our Facebook feed… sadly, that part didn’t get streamed/recorded. I will nab a recording of an upcoming performance to show how I’m using EboSuite.