Resizing with 1.52

I just installed the new version and loaded a project I was working on.

Some of my video tracks - it’s ones which I made using ecomper although this could be a coincidence - are now resized. Pretty sure this wasn’t happening previously though it’s a bit hard to check now.


Looking in quicktime all videos are hap 1280x720

If I make new clips using ecomper the same thing happens.

Hi Gavspav, sorry about that. We try to make every update backwards compatible, so this shouldn’t happen. Our test projects weren’t affected by the update, so I’m curious what is causing this in your situation. Were you using 1.51 before? If so, can you open the project with 1.51 and check if the difference is indeed there? You can download the 1.51 EboSuite folder here:
Just rename the 1.52 folder and then drag the EboSuite folder included in this .zip into your User Library.

Hi Jeroen,

I can confirm that this behaviour is existing for me in 1.52 and not present in 1.52

Here is a link to one of the files made with ecomper.

If I load this fle into a new set with an eclip it plays iin the top left of the window. If I open it in quicktime it appears fullscreen.


Thank you. We’ll have a look at it. Interesting.