Reset Product Key?

I am trying to install EboSuite on a third machine. Is there a way to reset the Product Key? I already uninstalled it from one of the other two machines, but it still doesn’t let me activate on the new install. Is there a solution?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Rasmes,
I just replied to the email you sent us. Let me know if you need more help.

Same issue here. I emailed on Tuesday evening. Any chance of resolving this? Thanks.
I have got another trial licence in the meantime.

Hi Gavin, sorry for the late reply. I just replied to your mail.

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The easiest way to move a license to another computer is to go to ‘EboSuite’ in the EboSuite main menu and select ‘licensed to [your email address]’. This will open a dialog in which you can deactivate the license on that computer, so you can activate another computer.