Render Warped Video?

Is there a way to render warped video in Ebosuite without using Syphon Recorder?

Neither eConvert or eComper respect the warping do they?

I guess I can render it using Live itself - perhaps that is the best way?

Saying that my encoder settings have changed, probably because I haven’t got Quicktime 7 any more.

Is there a way of getting Live to use Quicktime 7 encoder settings?

Edit - or is it that Live now uses AVFoundation for Video Export. Hmm.

Hi Gavspav, you can’t use EboSuite to render warped videos. eConvert and eComper don’t respect warping. The only way is to use Live’s ‘Export Audio/Video’ feature. Ableton changed that feature since 10.1, so you have less render options, that is a pitty, I agree.

I guess that’s a feature request then!

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