Read this if the demo set crashes Ableton

We have heard of 2 users (@OConnorStP & @Alvan ) with an issue with EboSuite that we cannot reproduce ourselves so we need to rely on your input to get to the bottom of this.

Does the Demo set crash Ableton on startup?

If you load a new Live set and add an eSampler then drag a videofile (a videofile with audio, not a silent one) on the eSampler, does that crash Ableton?

then, please get in touch with me via

(I would like to know some details about your setup and I have prepared a little test to find out more where it goes wrong)

EDIT: I think the problem is solved with the awesome help in debugging from @OConnorStP !!
Please replace the eSampler in the EboSuite folder with this one:
eSampler.amxd (840.1 KB)

and let me know if that also fixes the issue for you!


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