Read this if EboSuite crashes after adding eVideoIn (workaround)

Hi everyone.

I just found out there is an issue with EboSuite 1.81 which only effects people who didn’t install and try previous versions. In that case the EboSuite app would crash after adding the eVideoIn device on a track. Here is what I found out:

  • on a mac you need to request permission to use the camera
  • for some reason this doesn’t work in EboSuite 1.81, but it works in 1.8 *
  • EDIT: go and install 1.81b,this fixes it

- could you first install 1.8b (see here)

  • start a new live set, add eVideoIn: it should ask for permission → give permission
  • now install 1.81 again

I really hopes this works as an intermediate solution while we are working on a more permanent one.

* all the code to ask permission is still there, hasn’t changed a bit but it is not executed, probably because it was compiled on another machine than usual, we will look into it