Push 2 / eSampler slice control

I would love to be able to set slice start times with the rotary controls on my Push 2 controller. The eSimpler works quite well with the Push 2, but for eSampler and slice mode it doesnt seem to work.

Hi itsmeelan, we will look into that and try to fit it in with the next update. Thank you for the feedback! Cheers, Jeroen

That would be amazing! Thinking about it a little more, what I’m imagining is quite similar to how slice mode works with the Ableton Sampler / Push 2:

  • creating new slice points (currently this is option-click in eSampler)
    The Ableton Sampler has a nice “Manual mode” slice feature for Push 2 where you can playback a sample and add slices by hitting a pad during playback at the moment you want to create a new slice Learn Push 2: Sampling: Slicing Mode - YouTube
  • adjusting the start point of each slice (AFAIK today with eSampler you can’t actually adjust a slice’s start time, you just remove that slice and add a new one at the desired time). With the Ableton Sampler, this is done by adjusting the Nudge parameter with one of the Push assignable rotary dials.

I would love if we could do this with the eSampler!

Thanks for the feedback, we will see what we can do!
You can adjust slices in the eSampler when you select a slice and CTRL-click on a new location in the waveform. The slice will then move to that new location.

I didn’t realize I could use Slice mode on the eSimpler, which seems to take care of my use case.

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