Proxy Clip Idea

say all my project files are in hap i create a piece and its finished.
it is great for live performance but if I want to export high quality video I dont get same results.

solution/ idea:

If there is a way we can use our hap clips as proxy files for adobe premier . there is a section for multiple clip switching in premiere


if there is a way we can load all the full versions of video intor premier and have ebosuite and ableton trigger the clips that it needs when we play our proxy version from ableton.

or if we can some how do this without premier that would be great.


Hi Richard, I’m not sure if I understand you correctly? Do you mean to trigger video’s in Premiere with Ableton and then switch between them live using the Multi-Camera Editing feature? That will be difficult I guess. Or do you mean something else?

Hi Tunnelsurf, it is an interesting idea, but I think it will be difficult to realise. Thanks anyway though, your ideas and feedback are very welcome!

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