Polyscopic polyphony in one track


I’m curious if it is possible to get video polyphony within a single track (i.e. set up with multiple eSamplers in a drum rack).

I see that you can use the ePoly device to do this over multiple tracks, but I’d like to use it in one track – for example, to play the kick and snare of a drum rack at the same time and see both videos simultaneously, rather than only the last one triggered.

Is this possible? Thanks!


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Hi Chris,
This is not possible yet, sorry. We developed the ePoly as a solution for that for now.

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Hi! I use multiple tracks with one drum rack in each ( and only one sample on the pad I want to use) to get the results you are looking for. You can probably use the blend modes if you want to layer the videos on top of each other (with A and B on each tracks) but I prefer to use the eTransform device (it only allows you to put one eTransform per track, not one per pads) to scale and modify the videos on the final video canvas. Here is a small example:

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Amazing, thank you yes I think that will work for me!

Beautiful videos by the way on your channel, very cool.

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Strange I can’t actually make this work…

Here’s an example of what I’m trying to do: say I have a background image of a piece of paper, and 4 video files (of the same dimension as the background), but each with a different animated drawing in a different portion of the paper.

I just want to be able to play combinations of midi notes and have combinations of the different drawings play at once on top of the background image, as if each one was made on a green screen or was drawn on animation transparency. Does that make sense? It’s so very close to what was being done in the ePoly tutorial video, so I suspect it can be done but I’m having trouble figuring out the workflow.

You can try to use eBlend device on each layer using addictive mode! It might work!

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