Pixelation with ISF Filter - Dimension Morphing Topography

Hi everyone, I have installed the ‘Dimension Morphing Topography’ ISF filter and it is blocky, grainy and pixelated - nothing like the quality on the original ISF website where I downloaded the filter. I am running macOS Monterey version 12.6 on an M1 Mac with Ableton Live 10. I’ve not experienced this filter quality issue with any other ISF filter so far. I’ve adjusted all the resolution options to rectify the issue, but without success. Any ideas on how I might approach this? Thanks

Hi HubrisBlindfold,
Sorry for the late reply. I am surprised that this shader doesn’t work anymore. I have used it many times in the past. It is even featured in the EboSuite demo and tutorial videos. We will look into what is happening.

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Thank you. I thought this issue was isolated to my device. If I understand correctly the issue lies with the filter itself? This is one of the more dynamic filter. Hoping it can be fixed :sunglasses:

This is the fixed shader:
DimensionMorphingTopography fixed.fs.zip (2.3 KB)

This shaders contained unitialised variables, for example vec4 color;
On some graphic cards this looks glitchy, and can be fixed by giving it a value of zero:
vec4 color=vec4(0.,0.,0.,0.);

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All fixed! Thank you

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