Piano Visualizer

I am trying to build a piano visualizer using EboSuite. I would like each key to trigger a small animation. I would like to arrange 61 or 88 instances of this small animation horizontally across the screen.
The only solution I could come up with was using ePoly, but it seems bonkers to create 88 tracks for this. I am not as yet a Max4Live patcher; if I were, I’m sure a solution would be obvious. Any of you smart ppl know a way to accomplish this, or seen anything similar? Thanks

If you are using a piano sound separately from the video and just want a video to trigger when you hit a certain midi note you could just have a drum rack with esimplers and send the midi from your keyboard or midi track to the drum rack track with the visuals.

Two tracks to achieve this.

Edit: actually this may not work if you want different positions on the screen for each visual

Thanks for the input! Yeah, this was the first thing I thought of, and how I found out you can only use one eTrackTransform per track.