Piano Roll Generator

I’d like to see a Source that generates a piano roll from incoming MIDI. Some parameter ideas: line thickness, color variation, maybe an ADSR for opacity, assign velocity/ aftertouch/ pitchbend to the various parameters. Also a MIDI buffer that tracks played notes and can create a “folded” roll like you get in Ableton.

I made a fake one by screen recording my MIDI and processing after the fact, but the results were less than ideal. It’s here: Day09. "Head Over Heels" - YouTube

Let me know if I’ve overlooked some shader out there that accomplishes this.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi evns, that is a cool idea. I am not aware of any ISF shaders that do this out of the box. It is doable with an ePoly and a lot of eSimplers I think, but that is not flexible and will be a big project. A dedicated shader is much nicer indeed. Sorry that I can’t help you with this.