Performance & framerate

Good morning,
First of all, really fantastic product! Truly opens up a new world. I can’t wait to use this, but I’m a bit worried about whether my Mac is able to render things properly. I’ve been playing around with Ebosuite for a couple of hours, and I’ve run into some problems with larger files.

What I want to do:

  • I basically just want to render ISF’s on single video’s. There are some really cool ones, and if I can get them to play off audio inputs, I’m sure that would be amazing. Video’s can be short, and I don’t need multiple ISF’s playing at the same time.
  • Possibly connect external video (smart phone, I guess only iPhone is an option right now?), to switch between a live feed and these shaders.
    All in all nothing too crazy. One ISF at the time is enough, and I’m willing to compromise on the external video. The video & ISF does, however, have to play smoothly, and as I said this wasn’t the case yet.

My specs: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017), 2,3 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 1536 MB.

EDIT: Some extra stats: CPU usage within Ableton stays very low (around 3-5% I think). However, Ebostudio itself gives over 70% when playing large (unconverted MP4) files. Converting (not too large) files to HAP makes a big difference. I’d still be interested in hearing other people’s thoughts on my specs, should this be able to do the job?

Thanks a lot!

Hi RJM, I think the graphics card of your computer is the bottleneck here.
What ISF shader are you using?
Non-Hap videos will be decompressed on the CPU, so that might explain why the CPU usage is high. Hap videos are decompressed on the GPU.

Dear Jeroen,

Thanks! I can imagine. I have a GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB laying around, but I see that this is unsupported with Mac. Will take a look, but otherwise Ebosuite is something for the future for me. Cool software though!

Thanks! You can also consider using an eGPU. I have no experience with eGPU’s yet, but some other users do and they sound happy with the performance.

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Yes looking into that now, sounds promising actually!

Is it not possible to “Render” the video output at arbitrarily high resolutions, and frame rates for smooth playback?

That could be the difference between me purchasing the software, as I’ll essentially be restricted by the requirements of the shader.


welcome … glad you became also a first contact enthousiast of Ebosuite … its a blast once you jump into it… intuitive awesome …

I bought the small eGPU black magic ( sold on apple platform ) and the does the trick really well … it s no use buying the heavy version since tests show not much of a large power difference with the expensive version.

you need to allocate the eGPU to Ebosuite and it carries all the heavy lifting for the Mac … I bought a Mac mini who has as known a weak Graphics card but the eGPU really compensates …

other small trick I think you need to test in Ableton is to set your buffer size to 512 samples in Preferences … and for my feeling also in try to make you visuals you import in Ableton all the same size and resolution for me works best at 720p or 1080p … but as always… testing is your best friend :wink: succes and enjoy !

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Thanks for the tips! I took the plunge actually, and ordered a Razer X (EGPU case). Will look for a 2nd hand GPU (maybe a Vega 56 or something). Should be enough, and looking forward to seeing how it will pan out.

This EboSuite is something I quite believe in, and if I get it up and running well then it will be something really cool. I’d like to have small abstract clips running alongside my music (techno) + shaders reacting of the music.

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@FrankyDS: Thanks for the advice Franky!
@RJM: Looking forward to the results. Let us know when you need help.


Unfortunately it didn’t work out with the EGPU, I guess my CPU wasn’t fast enough.
I am still very interested in Ebosuite, so much so that I’d consider a general Macbook-upgrade. But what are the general requirements/recommendations in this regard?
What I’m trying to do: I want to play clips (sharp, high quality) of usually abstract things like cities, nature, etc. I would like to layer a shader over these clips, plus maybe a text. The shader or the original clip would interact with the music: maybe on the beat of the music, a parameter would change. The end goal: I want to integrate beautiful visuals with my music (techno) at my live shows, which really interact with the music. This means that in my livesets (which can be a couple of hours), I need to have clips lined up to accompany the music all the way through, and which will interact with various shaders to keep things interesting.
So, in short, what would you say a recommended Macbook type would be?
Many thanks!