Pause video + start from same position

Pause video and start from that position in the ARRANGEMENT VIEW. how can i do this best? Any new ways to do it?
thank you for your help!

not solved with maxforlive: fgc.DJTransport …

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no, not solved yet!!
when i pause the video with fgc.DJTransport maxforlive device in eArrangement i get a black picture . but i need to see the paused video picture. when i use the ableton internal video it works fine. but i cannot combine it with my ebosuite set…my project is a 50 minutes video i want to pause sometimes RANDOMLY for live performance elements. Any idea? Thank you so mutch!! alfred

Hi Alfred, we will have a look at that. I think it is a conscience choice to make the video go to black when you stop it. There are ISF shaders that you can use to freeze a frame, for example Freeze Frame.fs ( in the Standard folder). Is that useful?

Freeze Frame.fs works only with a running sequence, not when it is paused… hmmm

Hi Alfred,
Another way to do this is to send the video from a track with the eVideoSend plug-in to another track (with the eVideoReceive plug-in) and add the Freeze Frame shader there (with the eFX-ISF plug-in). If you then map the stop button and the freeze button (in the Freeze Frame effect) to the same controller (on a MIDI interface with MIDI map or the keyboard with key map) you can freeze and stop at the same time. A track with an eVideoReceive (or eVideoIn or eISF) will not go to black after stop, so the freeze frame will stay visible after stop. You’ll have to unfreeze it when you start playing, so you should make a mapping for that too. Do that work for you?

This is an example:

yes, great! thank you!!!

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Hi Alfred, You already noticed that we added this feature to EboSuite 2.1, but still I am still mentioning it here for people who open this thread because they are looking for the same thing. EboSuite 2.1 added freeze last frame for the eSession and eArrangement plug-ins when the clip or Live Set is stopped. Find the download links here: