Output window not showing anything / Black Screen

The following issue keeps popping up when I’m using Ebosuite.

I have built a complete live set including visuals in Ableton (Ableton 11.2.7) for my show. The visuals seem to be running just fine in Ebosuite, until seemingly out of nowhere, the output video window becomes black and stays that way. In the last few days, if have tried opening the same Ableton set throughout the week, and sometimes the visuals work, and sometimes they don’t. I have not found a pattern for why this happens yet.

I have tested the same video’s in an empty set, and then everything works fine. Until a certain, I randomly arrive at the same point and the output video window becomes completely black again.

Do you have any idea how to solve this issue? I have a live show in Paradiso Amsterdam this Friday for which I really need this to work. Any help will be much appreciated!


Hopefully this screenshot helps in solving the issue at hand.

Hi Jeffrey, could you send us an email at contact@ebosuite.com? Let’s plan a video meeting, so we can help you solve this quickly.

SOLVED: using many H264 videos can lead to unexpected behaviour of EboSuite and Live. We strongly recommend using the HAP or ProRes video codec (ProRes is hardware accelerated on M1).

H264 is very compressed and therefore demanding on the CPU. Use the eConvert plug-in or the AVF Batch exporter to convert videos to HAP or ProRes (ProRes 422LT for videos without alpha, ProRes4444 for videos with alpha).

Download the AVF Batch exporter here:

Hello, I have the same issue. I downloaded the above converter and tried the new files and still have the black screen. Audio works fine. the video has not played since the first save.

I think it may have to be HAP on an m2 mac i tried one file so far and it worked

Hi mchlnrvs, are you still having issues, even after converting to HAP and ProRes? That would be very interesting to have a look at. Could you tell us a bit more about your situation?

seems the HAP worked fine. I’ll open it back up now and check. It did not work with prores as the codec. 2023 macbook pro m2 - latest live suite

Ebo IOS screen recs triggered by midi pitch enabled test

youtube link

Here is the project in it’s first stage as a test. A midi file ableton project created using export to ableton on ios. screen recordings on ipad hitting a c note on the synths. esampler on each track triggers pitch from the midi notes. changed the pitch, start point and a few other ebo paremeters. added etransform on some but have not done that for all tracks yet. The output is pixelated on the syphon recording. I’ll check the settings and see If i did something. feel free to click around in the video but it’s literally me just testing this all out.

Hi mchlnrvs, thank you for sharing your work, nice concept. Is everything working ok now? Let me know if you need more help!

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well now after changing the to HAP it seems resolved. I can’t seem to figure out why the video is pixelated sometimes and not other times.

updated Test screen recording

Is the video pixelated in EboSuite’s output window or in the screen recording?

Both. However, I think it is one video in particular. I will go back re-record that video and go through each step to problem solve it along the way. I realize how vague this is and appreciate the help.

We will have a look at that video too if you send it to us, at contact@ebosuite.com. Maybe we’ll notice something unusual.

I have had no issues with any other video after that. I don’t want to waste your time with it but I will gladly do the package if it happens again. I appreciate all the help!


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