Organising efx devices into folders?

Im trying to get an understanding of the range of efx devices and what they do. there isnt a lot of info about them or tutorials on the web and I’m new to video so i dont really understand what a lot of the image specific terms mean eg chroma and all the different blend modes such as multiply etc. So im doing some reading and playing around and trying to organise the efx into similar folders so i dont just stare at this huge list of devices with no context! eg folders like distort / diffuse / blend / key, colour, etc


ebosuite doesnt seem to want me to organise my efx devices. in my user library if i create folders, ebosuite says the devices arent in the right location even though they are within the efx folder.

is this possible, to organise the efx devices?

also if anyone has any good links to useful reading materials on video fx and their history, that would be great. ive been looking around but havent found anything really great yet. Trying to understand keying and all the variations and what they do, when to use them etc. Im interested to read about where these various efx have come from in the analog video world as I’m feeling a bit like someone must feel when they open ableton for the first time but with no experience in analog audio previously: lots of devices but no context about what they do and when they could be useful.

for anyone else wanting to organise their efx devices, until ebosuite allows this, ive just created aliases of the efx devices and put them in folders. this seems to work as a workaround.

I would organise them as presets of the devices (that also gives you more flexibility and option to save a chain as preset). Is that what you mean with aliases? or is that the mac file alias you are talking about?

thanks Timo, yes i should do that too with presets and combos of devices in groups. i think i was just wanting a bit more organisation with the efx list in general so I could remember what each device did so i organised it with aliases in the mac finder. probably would have been easier to do it with saved presets :slight_smile: anyway i have an organised list now and am starting to have a better idea of the breadth of efx’s available.

you guys have done such a great job with ebosuite! Im just thinking that I take it for granted now but a lot of these video effects were probably quite hard to implement and expensive back in the day

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