Opening Different Ableton Sets Without Closing Video Window

I’m thinking ahead to doing some big live projects using EboSuite. I have always put all the tracks I am going to play live in to one set but as the sets get bigger the CPU demand gets higher (even when I automate devices/plugins to turn off when not in use using dummy clips). I will probably continue to work in this way for now but I’ve always wondered about the possibility of launching a separate set for each track, or even splitting the set in to two Ableton sets for example, in order to get the best performance and lowest latency (my set is based on live drum triggering).

I have discovered there are some ways this could potentially be done quite smoothly in terms of audio only sets, but one issue with the visual side of things is that the EboSuite window would close and then reopen each time a new set was loaded. I am sending the EboSuite video output to a projector and so I was wondering if there is a workaround where I could use EboSuite’s eSyphonOut with another app so that that the app always sends fullscreen video output to the projector and picks up the EboSuite Video signal whenever it is running (and go to black when no signal is present)? Or alternatively (and ideally) is there a way to keep the EboSuite video window open when switching between between Ableton sets?

Maybe a feature to look at for the future if it’s not possible now?

sorry for the late reply, we missed your post somehow.
In preparing a liveset with multiple tracks I think it is good to record as much as possible beforehand, this makes it less flexible but gives you extra headroom (the same holds when preparing a musical liveset with multiple tracks with instruments and fx of course).

I have found a way to probably do what you want in between tracks:

  • put an eSyphonOut on the master
  • put an eOutput on the master to set the output resolution independent of ebosuite window size
  • receive the syphon stream in Syphon Simple Client and put this fullscreen on your 2nd screen

If you now load another set with a similar configuration the EboSuite app will close and restart, but the Simple Client will remain open (it will be black for a short period).

Is this a workable situation for you?