Only Visuals to Projector?

Hello EBO team,

thank you so much for making this truly incredible and creative software! i have been using the demo and i am already hooked and plan on purchasing.

i do have one question though, which is: is there a way to hook a projector up to my laptop via HDMI cable and only have the screen with the visuals sent to the projector (so that i can still look at my Live session on my laptop, in Session view).

thank you so much for your time!

Hi Sarab
Thank you!
Yes, you can set the output window to full screen on a secondary display (or any other connected display), you do that this way (quote from the manual, page 10):

The next update that we will release soon (within two weeks, maybe even next week!) will add the eOutput device that will make controlling the output window even easier.

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