Not seeing output window after 1.7 update

I’ve installed the update, but within my existing ebosuite project, now I can’t see the “Output” window. I’ve tried restarting ebosuite. When I right click on the open app, I can see the title of the Ebosuite Output, but I can’t actually see the window. If I make Output full screen, it shows up, but not partial. Thanks in advance!

Hello @jaredburkhalter, sorry to hear you ran into this issue and thanks for explaining the situation in the clear way!

It seems like the window is positioned out of screen for some reason.
Could you try adding eOutput device and setting the position and size manually?

For example, set the position to 400 400, that should be visible somewhere:)

I’m curious what is your screen setup, specifically do you use any rotated displays and how does the setup look in System Preferences/Display/Arrangement?

best wishes,