No video // Understanding the HAP codec


I’m not sure how to get these videos to play.

I’m on Live 9.7 // Mac OS 10.12
Downloaded the HAP codec
Downloaded Quicktime 7

I tried the eConverter (via drag and drop) but must be missing something because nothing happens after dropping it. I also tried using the arrangement view approach but get an error saying the “conversion finished unsuccesfully”. Is there a specific codec these files must be beforehand? I really want to have video w/o audio as well. Is that possible?

I tried the batch converter, but I’m not able to get a file that seems right. I don’t understand how to use it, or what the files need to be before or after for it to work.

So far, I can’t get anything to work…

please help!

Hi Maynard

Both the eConvert plug-in and the AVFBatchConvertor make use of apple’s current video framework, AVFoundation. This framework does not support older video codecs. You can see this also with Quicktime 10: If you open a file that is not supported it will convert it for you to a readable format (if the codec is not too exotic).

Currently the eConvert plug-in and the AVFBatchConvertor support a.o. Apple Prores 422 and Prores 4444, H264 and Photo/jpeg. It is a bit hard to find an exhaustive list in Apple’s documentation what codecs are supported in AVFoundation (and it might also differ per OSX version). If you want another codec you first need to convert it to one of these, this can be done automatically using Quicktime 10. If Quicktime 10 fails at this you need another convertor (e.g. Quicktime 7 Pro).

Note that there is a difference between the terms ‘file format’ and ‘codec’. The file format denoted by the extension (such as .mov, mp4, m4v and .mpg) does not tell you yet how internally the video is compressed (codec).

I hope this helps, we will consider integrating in eConvert the conversion step for older codecs that Quicktime 10 does so it will be a smoother process.

Can you mail us the video that you are trying to convert to ?
Then we can give you more detailed advice.


thanks, Jeroen, for being responsive and attentive to Maynard’s issue. I found in your answer some information which was helpful to me, although I don’t have a specific issue at this time. Currently, I’m playing around with EboSuite within its 15-day trial period, but have every intention on buying, as I’ve just upgraded to Ableton Live 9 Suite with Max for Live. However, I can’t help but be a bit dumbfounded as to the absence of a manual for this software. I’ve seen the 9-page Quickstart guide and the manual link which says it’s under construction. This new business model is one that’s always confounded me. I just don’t get the logic behind it. My only answer seems to be that the users are helping to debug the software while the manual’s under construction, but even the slightest (past the 9-page Quickstart) would be of great help. The quicker people learn your software, the quicker they can turn around, teach other people whom will buy your product as well. Please relay this to the staff in editorial and tell 'em double time, please!

Hi Tom
Good point!
The manual is almost finished and should be online in the next couple of days.
I am sorry that it took so long.

Hi Tombyrne

Did you notice that we added the manual to the website last week? It is pretty extensive, so I hope it will answer most of your questions. Cheers!

I didn’t! Going there now to download…and thanks!

I have just bought Ebo and am also struggling to import videos into eConvert and eSampler and even if I make HAP conversions using AVF they are still not acceptable. Weirdly some videos work perfectly, and the system works well: they drop into eConvert and convert well and play well and its a great software experience , but there seems to be no logic - some work others don’t
I have downloaded the Quicktime Codec and am on a Mac OSX HIGH SIERRA - Live10

Hi Warrick, I am sorry to hear that you are having problems converting. Can you send us one or more files so we can look into your case and give you advice? Please send the files to