No Video is playing - but Audio


Yesterday I kept on working on a project I startet last year. I saved it as… and opened it again this morning. Non of my videos are played anymore - only audio.

I created drum racks with several eSamplers in it.

When I bring in a new eSampler and an new clip it is shown. When I save the project, close and open same problem: no video (but audio)

What am I doing wrong? Any settings I have to check?

Is there a way to relink the videos?


Hi Christoph, sorry for the late reply. Are you still having this issue? It is a bit mysterious what is happening. Shall we plan a Skype session so we can have a closer look? Are you using Collect All & Save? What OSX, Live and EoSuite versions are you using? Could you send me the Live Set, so I can try it here?