No Syphon over Network


I can not get a Syphon signal out of Ableton/Ebosuite to a second computer. I checked with OBS and NDI works fine, so the network is stable. (2 MAC’s Big Sur, UTP cable) On the Ableton/Ebosuite MAC itself, it works fine. What can be the problem? (Ableton Live 11, Ebosuite 2.0)

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Hi NILS, I will check this on Monday, is that ok?

Sure!, Monday is fine. Kind regards!

Hi Nils, this is a limitation of Syphon, but VidVox created a cool app to send Syphon over NDI that you can use instead. Find it here: NDISyphon | VIDVOX Documentation

Yes that works. Kinda strange Syphon does not stream video over networks, i thought it was supposed to do just that.




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