No Preview window using eOutput.amxd in Ableton Live 10 Suite


I’m no longer able to access (or bring up) the Preview Window when using the eOputput.axmd preset on my Master channel in Ableton 10 Suite. However, the Main Window is accessible.

I upgraded to Ableton Live 11 Suite today. Both the Main and Previews windows are visible when I open my project in Ableton Live 11. However, when I open the same in Ableton 10 Suite (which it was initially created with) only the Main EboSuite Output window is accessible.

I would prefer to utilize/open my the project file in Ableton 10 Suite, but no longer having an accessible Preview window is an issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Just now, I disconnected my external monitor and just ran Live 10 Suite with Ebosuite on my laptop.

When the project file opens, the Main Output window is visible but the Preview Window is still not visible. But now, when I click the Preview Window checkbox in the eOutput rack, Ebosuite crashes.

When I manually start Ebosuite again, the Main Window appears. But when I click “Preview Window” Ebosuite crashes again.

This has no become a pretty serious issue. I really need to be able to have botht he Main Output and Preview Windows visible/accessible again.

I have the Ebosuite error log that was generated when it crashed, but for some reason I’m unable to attach or share the .zip file.




Sorry to hear you are having issues with the preview window after downgrading Ableton.
In theory, going back to Live 10 should not be an issue, so let’s try to figure out why it doesn’t work for you.

Could you copypaste the contents of the max window after causing the EboSuite app to crash?
You can get to the Max window from Live by right-clicking on the eOutput Device Title Bar in Live and clicking “Open Max Window”.
Hopefully there are some clues in there.

It would be awesome if you could send the .zip file with the crash report to
Some email providers aren’t allowing zip files any more, in that case you could use to send the crash log.

Until we figure out what is going on, if you need to see Ebosuite in another window you could create eVideoOut on the master and then receive the image in Syphon Simple Client, Syphon Recorder or similiar.

Kind regards,

Hi Nesa,

Thanks so much for responding. Just to clarify, I’m experiencing this issue after “upgrading” to Ableton Live 11 Suite. The Ebosuite plugin works fine in Live 11 Suite. The issue is when I attempt to use Ebosuite in Live 10 Suite.

Oddly, I’m unable to get the eOutput rack to crash. Previously, I clicked the Preview Window box 2 - 3 times and the rack would crash. Nonetheless, I’ve still copied the contents of the Max window below.

Also, I’m unable to paste the contents of the Max window as it exceeds the characters allowed for posts/messages on this forum. However, I will email the Max window content in a zipped text file, along with the crash reports I’ve forward to