No ISF shaders showing up in drop down menu

When loading the eISF or eFX-ISF there are no ISF shaders in the drop down menus. The top drop down menu shows EboStudio/, ISF all/, Standard/, and test/ however when selecting any of those the second drop down menu only has “All Categories” as an option and the last drop down menu does not open to display any options. It remains blank.

When I check the ISF folder on my computer at Ableton>EboSuite>eFX> ISF I am able to see that the “EboStudio” and “Standard” folders do contain the .fs files.

How can I access the ISF shaders in the drop down menus in eISF and eFX-ISF?

Hi Foroudi9, sorry for my late reply. Did you make the ‘test’ and ‘ISF all’ folders in the ISF folder?
I haven’t seen this situation before, maybe we should plan a Skype session so I can have a closer look at it?

Foroudi9, what version of Live do you use? If it is Live 9: is it in 32bit or 64 bit mode? (you need 64bit mode)